Cup Collector

Stainless Steel Bins

With the stainless steel series, CUPFRIEND presents a unique range of sophisticated cup collectors which are designed to suit any environment. For the first time, they can be used in places where the most stringent demands are made on cleanliness and hygiene.

  • All components of the stainless steel cup collector solutions are made from high-quality materials.
  • The fact that the ends of the bag are kept out of sight inside the collector, together with the silently closing lid components, enhance the sophisticated effect.

Cup Collector

Plastic Bins

Cup Collector

Plastic & Stainless Steel Tubes

With a wide range of collector solutions in high-quality plastic materials, CUPFRIEND presents a further product innovation. All models, both those with pedal mechanism and open-topped ones, are available in several colours.

  • The bins are available in silver metallic, black, grey or red.
  • Product highlights include the rubber rims incorporated into the lid to protect against odours and the reliable and robust pedals.

Cup Dispenser

Stainless Steel & Plastic

Our range of cup dispensers includes a number of different solutions for wall mounting and for installing into counters, bars and cupboards. We offer different mechanisms for the hygienic storage and dispensing of all types of disposable and reusable cups.

  • Adjustable systems for different sizes of cups
  • In-counter versions and wall-mounted models
  • Cup holder models in stainless steel and plastic